Testing, Maintenance and Installation


As well as supply and installation of fire system products, Southside audit, test and maintain essential fire safety systems in all types of workplace environments ranging from small shops, offices and large industrial warehouses up to high-rise apartments and open air construction sites.

Maintenance service routines and fire systems installed in buildings vary, based on such factors as floor size, building height, age of building, or date construction was completed. Additional risk factors that may dictate the types of fire safety systems installed or inspection routines required are business usage related. Eg: flammable liquid storage and so forth.

Southside understand these variables and are equipped to test and certify all Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS), also known as a Council Certificate.

Even though some buildings pre-date the AFSS council certification, it is important to understand the obligations of having and maintaining essential fire safety systems in the workplace.

Southside are across Workplace Health & Safety Legislation, Building Codes (BCA) and the various Australian Standards effecting buildings, facilities and workplace.

Southside remove the complexity of your obligations when it comes to fire safety and emergency planning. We understand our clients are busy doing what they do best and therefore we are available as a 24 hour fire safety adviser in these matters.

Managing compliance and testing obligations

Compliance and safety requirements in the workplace are continually on the increase, and we know that controlling and maintaining these requirements can be a difficult task, or strain for business.
Southside work with national companies who have the resources to employ people in these roles, as well as assist to fill this role for small business as a complete out-source option.

Asset Registers

Southside build comprehensive fire asset registers designed to track history of essential fire safety systems at a facility.
Whilst this provides a history of service and record of compliance, it also provides the client with a log of type, condition, position and date of the fire safety systems in their building giving vital information and transparency.
Our asset registers are updated at every programed visit and are provided back to our clients for their own record and compliance keeping as well as being backed up on our servers.
Our clients are contacted prior to any required testing to ensure a convenient booking time is arranged.


Southside has a team of qualified experienced staff, capable of design and installation of all fire safety systems in all type of buildings.

• Extinguisher type and placement
• Fire hose and Hydrant installations
Fire Rated Doors
• Smoke and Fire Detection system (supply and installation)
• Emergency and Exit Lighting
• Emergency planning systems (further information provided on page 10)

We especially pride ourselves on having strong capabilities when installing and repairing fire detection panels (FIP) and electrical emergency lighting installations.
Products change and evolve and it is important to keep pace with the marketto ensure you have robust effective systems, which eradicate costly false alarms and shutdowns.
Call Southside today for information relating to installation stage works.