Payment Security

With Eway and Comodo, you’re protected from checkout to delivery. Your financial info is never kept on our website. And if something goes wrong with your order, your eligible transactions could be fully reimbursed.

If you buy something that never arrives, or if it arrives significantly different than described, you could be eligible for a full refund.

Data encryption

Sending sensitive information like account numbers or social security numbers via email is never a good idea. If you need to provide this kind of information, a phone call is best.

That said, we help keep your data as secure as possible-with automatic encryption for all of your sensitive information.

Here's how we do it:

On Your Computer:

When you register or log in , we confirm that your browser is running Secure Socket Layer 3.0 (SSL) or higher, which gives you the maximum possible protection.

When Information is in Transit:

All of your information is protected by SSL with Comodo, with 2048-bit next generation SSL certificates as recommended by NIST - one of the highest level commercially available.