Fire Warden Equipment Available

While we hope to never have to use them, having the right fire warden equipment such as vests and hard hats is essential for any workplace. The fact is fires can happen, and the rate at which they can spread could mean you need to quickly evacuate the building. A fire warden acts as a team leader for their building or floor, ensuring everyone that is in the area at the time is properly informed of procedures and kept up to date with the status of the event and its severity. 

Why is fire warden equipment so important?

By getting products that allow fire wardens to clearly identify themselves to other occupants of the building, this allows those in distress to quickly find someone to assist and notify them of evacuation procedures. For chief wardens, it is important for fellow wardens to quickly find you and give you the status of their floor, whether everyone is out successfully, there are occupants who were non-compliant, or someone who is injured or has limited mobility has been left in the fire stairwell. 

Southside has a selection of fire warden vests and hats to help your wardens stand out in crowds. To ensure they can do their job effectively and be heard over the commotion of fire alarms and evacuation sounds, we also have a megaphone with siren or an air horn for instances where you need to quickly draw the attention of those around you.

Got all of the essentials? Our team can also assist with fire extinguishers and first aids kits to keep at your workplace at all times.

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