A Wide Selection of Safety Gloves Available Online

No matter what industry we are in, our hands are always one of the first areas to get injured. While we use them almost constantly, we often take them for granted and don’t realise how much we need them until we can’t. Here at Southside Fire & Safety, we provide safety gloves in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and other major cities across Australia.

Safety gloves for every purpose

Often when we think of safety gloves we will automatically picture dense leather varieties that we will regularly see in construction and machinery. However, there are many industries that will require protective gloves on a regular basis and, here at Southside Fire & Safety, we are here to cater to them all. From the thinner nitrile gloves that are ideal for medical examinations, hospitality and food processing to heavy duty leather gloves that are ideal for those in the automotive or agricultural industry, you’ll find designs that are comfortable, give you great dexterity and are long lasting.

We’ve thought carefully about the industries we are catering to, ensuring the features that are included in our safety gloves are going to make it easy to complete your job while being completely protected. Just some of the features you can enjoy are powder and latex free options for those with allergies or sensitive skin, outstanding puncture and chemical resistance as well as light weight and breathable materials.

Need more information?

If you would like further information on any of the products you see on our website, or if you would like assistance to choose the right safety gear for your particular needs, please get in touch with our trained and friendly staff and we will be happy to assist you.