EVAC & Fire Extinguisher Training

If you have not heard of any of this, then you soon will.

Regularly we have businesses request fire extinguisher training or warden training for their workplace. However, when asked a few questions it soon becomes apparent that many do not understand how training is only one of the requirements in a workplace.

Understandably this is often received with some negativity as businesses can feel like they are under a barrage of onerous requirements, consuming time and money as they endeavour to navigate and understand these legislations and standards required of them. But it is important to understand that these laws apply to all workplaces, no matter the size of the business or number of employees.

Southside have completed this due diligence for our clients, businesses and OHS officers. We offer a fire extinguisher training service in Sydney.

We have designed a step by step system to cover the Legislative requirements of the Workplace Health and safety Act 2011, Fire Safety Act 1990 and Fire Regulations 1991.

Our system follows the recommendations of AS3745 – 2010 “Planning for emergencies in facilities” which is the national recognised standard of best practice for emergency management planning.

  • Emergency Management Plan (EMP) / includes emergency procedures required under legislation. Provide a detailed and site specific
  • Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) – as advisors we assist with the set up of a EPC for the site
  • Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) – as advisors we assist set up and train the Fire Warden system for the facility
  • Evacuation (EVAC) –Southside review and design if needed, effective EVAC and simulate with training
  • EVAC Diagrams – Design, install and train in line with all above
  • Fire Training – First attack fire training is provided to learn the characteristics of fire and the hands-on use of fire extinguishers

Benefits of using Southside Fire and Safety as your Fire Safety and Emergency Planning Advisors

• Reduced complexity
• Meet and maintain compliance
• Save time and money
• Ongoing Support - advisory roll
• Southside stay abreast of changes and updates
• Trainers are experienced Fire Brigade personnel