About Southside Fire & Safety

Southside Fire & Safety provide fast, efficient and cost effective fire, first aid and OH&S solutions to business. In an ever increasing OH&S environment it pays to have reliable experts on hand to assist in meeting your workplace compliance requirements and needs.

The team at Southside specialise in knowing, supplying and installing all your workplace safety systems.

  • Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hose and Fire Hydrants (supply, service, repair and replacement)
  • Emergency Lighting and Exit Lighting Installation, repair and Audits
  • EVAC Responce - Evacuation planning, training and systems design
  • First Aid Kit Supply
  • Onsite First Aid replenishment
  • Sprinkler Systems and Pump mechanical inspections
  • PPE - Personal Protective Equipment Supply:
    Gloves (work handware)
    Safety eyewear
  • Safety Signage and Site Safety Equipment
  • Safety Barrier systems, Car park systems and their Installation
  • Consumables,Cleaning Products and Bathroom Equipment
  • Certificates and Compliance audits

And the list goes on............

Our focus is on building strong working relationships with clients, working in partnership, while constantly striving to provide better and more effective systems to ensure ongoing compliance is met or exceeded.